Sponsor Opportunities

Enjoy an innovative new source of working capital


AltsDirect bridges the gap between individual accredited investors seeking opportunities and Operators seeking innovative, less expensive capital sources. We are currently growing our Sponsor network to help better serve our investors’ diversification needs.

By teaming up with investor dollars, Operators can free up capital earmarked for developmental drilling. The capital saved can now be deployed into exploratory drilling, equipment, personnel, prospect generation, and more.

Companies within our Sponsor network enjoy a one-on-one relationship with an innovative capital source – AltsDirect. We take care of everything else including investor relations, accounting, reporting, and K1s.

If you would like to discuss participating in our network, please call Robert Couch at 214-769-6200.

General Criteria

  • Working interests and/or royalty interests
  • Direct ownership
  • Proved producing fields
  • Scalable

Drilling Program-Specific Requirements

  • 100-well minimum
  • Defined AMI required

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