MyFund Advantages

Directly participate in Oil & Gas projects with Top 20 E&P companies


Each year, the U.S. exploration and production industry pours an estimated $550 Billion into new drilling projects. Less than 1% is funded by direct participation investors.

AltsDirect changes this investment landscape by bridging the gap between individual accredited investors seeking opportunities and Operators seeking innovative capital sources.


Why MyFund

MyFund is a sophisticated direct investment and reporting platform that provides financial advisors and their accredited clients a new way of investing in high-quality alternative assets. MyFund is individually customizable, affordable, and fully transparent.

  • Exposure to the biggest and the best. MyFund opens the door to direct participation in drilling and income opportunities offered by household-name E&P companies.
  • Diversification through smaller minimums. MyFund’s “small bite” strategy allows investment dollars to be spread across 100s of wells with $100 investment minimums (automatically factored per each investor’s suitability requirements and risk profiles).
  • Full investment control. Investors know exactly which opportunities they have invested in and, more importantly, have the option of opting into or out of each investment opportunity that arises. They are under no obligation to participate.
  • Online, fully-transparent access to ownership positions, asset performance, capital account information, and upcoming investment activities.
  • Consolidated tax reporting allows investors to capitalize on energy investing tax advantages on a well-by-well basis while receive a single K-1.
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